Cartoon Week in Review

Every week, we put together the 20 best political cartoons into one giant slideshow for your viewing pleasure. In a news week dominated by Weiner, we forget that we also saw the passing of Dr. Kevorkian, learned about Paul Revere from Sarah Palin, found out that cell phones cause cancer and much more.

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Nate Beeler / Washington Examiner (click to view slideshow)

By Daryl Cagle

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2 replies on “Cartoon Week in Review”

Does no one keep track of how long cartoons stay up?  There’s one still up since 2009, and many have been here for over a year. 

Someone should be taking them down after a year of so.

There’s such a long list of sexual idiots in office, thrown out of office and running for office, it makes one wonder about the qualifications and demeanor you require to be so stupid.  Perhaps it’s a belief in your public invincibility or your lack of reality.  I get angrier and angrier with this and other kinds of reflections on themselves and the debating club congress has become that I fail to see and good in anything but throwing the bums out of office. 

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