Conservative Cartoonists Slam Obama Over Osama Credit

After the announcement late Sunday night by President Obama that we finally found and killed Osama bin Laden, people poured out into the streets to celebrate. Even the most die-hard partisans, like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, gave credit to Obama and his administration, calling his actions a “gutsy move.”

As with any big event that unfolds before our eyes, most of the cartoons were non-partisan and focused on bin Laden himself, either rotting in hell or surprised to find 72 sturgeons waiting for him in the afterlife (view all of our Osama bin Laden cartoons here).

But a couple of our more conservative cartoonists decided not to go the same route, and voiced their opinions about the credit being heaped President Obama’s way.  The first, by Gary McCoy, rips Obama for the so-called “leadership” he exhibited in the strike, basically says all the President had to do was tell his team “okie dokie” to get the job done.

Gary McCoy / Cagle Cartoons (click to view more cartoons by McCoy)

Here are some of our readers’ comments about McCoy’s cartoon:

cf: “After 8 years of Republicans looking for Bin Laden in the wrong place, Obama tries looking *somewhere else* and finds him almost immediately. And now Republicans just can’t admit that a *gasp* Liberal *gasp* accomplished something that they never could.”

PoliticalMangu: “I guess this is the typical conservative response to Obama’s actions on just about anything. Too bad we can’t even celebrate together.”

D.C. Wilson: “It must cause wingnuts physical pain to admit Obama accomplished anything.”

Chris Carveth: “That’s what we fight for -freedom of the press. Agree or disagree…just be willing to defend the process.”

Rosie Felci: “Even Cheney is giving Obama props for it all. Guess even he now recognizes what “Mission Accomplished” looks like.”

The second cartoon was drawn by Brian Fairington, and was actually one of the first cartoons about Osama’s death that our syndicate received. In it, Fairrington wants to make sure Obama doesn’t hog all the credit, and reminds readers about the contributions he feels George W. Bush made in hunting down Osama:

Brian Fairrington / Cagle Cartoons (click to view more cartoons by Fairrington)

And here are some reactions from readers about it:

mth44sc: “”I don’t know where bin Laden is. I have no idea&really don’t care.It’s not that important.It’s not our priority.” – G.W. Bush, 3/13/02″

JacksonW: “How crass. The man isn’t dead 24 hours and he’s already being used to divide us. The end of the life of the mastermind of 9/11 should bring us together, not be used for petty political points.”

GroovyDave1962: “I disagree. The intelligence came in last August. IIRC Bush was not in office then. At best you might split it 50/50. Bush put the boots on the ground, but President Obama led them to success.”

ejg2: “Clinton tried, was unable. Bush simply didn’t. Obama did. Case closed.”

What do you think? Are these cartoons fair or foul? Comment below, or chime in on our Facebook page or Twitter:

By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the founder and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc. He is one of the most widely published editorial cartoonists and is also the editor of The Cagle Post.

87 replies on “Conservative Cartoonists Slam Obama Over Osama Credit”

If Bin Laden had been found under Bush’s watch, it would have been promoted as validating every single one of his failed policies.

If Bin Laden had been found under Bush’s watch, it would have been promoted as validating every single one of his failed policies.

Obama is politically dead for the rest of the world after this shameful lie. Everybody is wandering what the and Gorge W are fancing from now on ….

Time to withdraw the troops from Afghanistan and Iraq as a prelude to the dismantling of our entire global military empire. I wish someone could put that into a cartoon.

How much political spite and malevolence must exist in a persons mind, to attack the president on the same day that our national enemy was defeated.

Cartoonest should act like gentlemen. They should apologize.

If Gary McCoy were to drop off the face of the earth, I’d be happier for that than I was about OBL.

It wasn’t obama, and it wasnt Bush. It was t=our soldiers, the ones who actually fought and risked their lives while the rest of america abandoned them and tried to defund them. The credit is due to Soldiers, and no one else.

I care not what conservatives say and think. It is hilarious that they give GWB credit for the death of OBL. GWB did not catch OBL and his WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE comment was the comment of a child/cowboy. Had OBL not been killed would the conservatives have blamed that on GWB and given him the 95% ???? Conservatives can say, think, and feel whatever they want. President Obama as the Commander-in-Chief gave the order and he did an excellent job.
OBL was killed on President Obama’s watch, not GWB’s and President Obama did it without the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED banner or child/cowboy comments.

“… our more conservative cartoonists …”

Please stop referring to extremist ideologues and-or unreasoning, hidebound partisans as “conservative.” They are anything but. While I’m on the subject, I’ll mention that to refer to so-called “tea party” lunatics or most of republican party members in elected office as “conservative” is an open insult to the great tradition of conservative politics in our history, and to all true conservatives everywhere.

… and while we’re at it, could some of you, even just occasionally, use the word “liberal” in some context other than to mean “bad and anti_American?” The tradition of liberalism is as honorable as that of conservatism, but your debasement of the language has been largely responsible to the death of liberalism in this country. At present there are no more than a handful — perhaps literally fewer than five — liberals in elected office at the national level.

Bush was – and is – a nonentity. He cost us the lives of 1000’s of our kids while he dozed in a hammock on his ranch. He gets credit for that and for wrecking our economy.Bush couldn’t have found bin Laden if the terrorist had shown up at W’s birthday party. All the credit goes to Obama, who will go down as one of our greatest presidents.

This whole discussion is so much crap. The last administration probably had an idea of where OBL was, and who in the ISI knew it, but found it useful to have a villain out there with whom they could demonize the entire jihadist movement. Obama simply decided differently, and probably because he needed a boost in his ratings. Thus, OBL has once again proven useful to an American administration. Had there been no bin Laden, they would have had to have created him.

While Dubya was fracking around in Iraq, Obama focused on the real target.

If Obama was found to be the second coming, these guys would find something negative to say. The guy can’t catch a break.

BTW, he has disappointed me by reneging on some of his promises, but I have to give him credit when credit is due. Something some people find themselves unable to do.

Could anyone tell me why wasn´t Osama Bin Laden taken to court for a fair trial? I thought everyone had a right to his day in court.

Clearly the people posting comments on these wrong-headed editorial cartoons about why right wingers shouldn’t give President Obama credit where Bush and Cheney, unelected and incompetant both, failed aren’t buying the “logic” here. Can GOPers ever not act like cry babies?

Clearly the people posting comments on these wrong-headed editorial cartoons about why right wingers shouldn’t give President Obama credit where Bush and Cheney, unelected and incompetant both, failed aren’t buying the “logic” here. Can GOPers ever not act like cry babies?

How absurd. So you think the Navy Seals just said , “Hey we have an idea, let’s go get Bin Laden”. No one in any branch of our military has the authority to take any action without approval by the Commander in Chief.

Also, who is the Rest of America who tried to de-fund the military. You should stick your head back in the sand.

We ALL stand on the shoulders of ALL who came before us. I have read everything I can find on this incident, and I see nowhere that President Obama takes credit. He IS the CinC, and he DID order the raid. Whoever else might be the sitting President would do the same.

The cartoon is lame. So is all the divisiveness that plays into the hands of special interests and professional politicians and lessens the unity of this great nation of wonderful human beings.

That’s MY opinion.

One more thing. Kudos to all who planned and executed this raid. THAT is how it is done. Blind strikes by robot missiles kill innocents. It takes real men to run a proper war. Thank God we still have them.

Well lets see.after 9/11.the military were looking for bin.(were was obama??)when the CIA.located one of his couriers to lead him to bin.obama still wasn’t in office yet.and I am really sure other people made the decision to go(where was obama??while the Seals went in did what they were trained to do,and came home.obama would’t be a good pinple on a Seals butt.

Everyone has is incorrect, it is 100% military and intelligence community.

Funny how lame right wing humor is. Remember that dreadful “comedy” show on Fox? I guess having lots of deep-seated childhood gender issues as is common among Republicans can really make finding humor in anything challenging.

When Bush faced a similar situation, believing Sadaam was in an apt complex in Iraq, he ordered the complex to be bombed: killing hundreds of innocent people, increasing hatred toward the US, and failing to get the job done. It was Obama’s strategic thinking, courage, and intelligence that led him to make a totally different choice, that cost no lives other than those in OBL’s closest circle, and got the job done. To say all he did was to give the Okee Dokee after Bush did all the work, would be like saying Donald Trump is qualified to be president because Obama is not a citizen.

These are not conservative cartoons. They are reactionary right wing cartoons. Unable to set politics aside and be proud Americans even for a moment, they must continue to attack President Obama. Even at one of those rare moments such as this, when something basically everyone agrees is a good thing, they can’t quit with the attacks.

As an Obama supporter second and an American first, I have no doubt that had the opportunity presented itself, Mr. Bush would likewise have given the command Mr. Obama did. And I have no doubt that a majority of Americans, regardless of political leanings, would have applauded his effort. Pity that some hard liners just can’t seem to do the same thing. Go back to mocking Michele Obama for telling kids to eat veggies and exercise, or whatever it is that works for far right audiences these days.

G.W.Bush had a pathetic record on terrorism. He only met once (and it was in January 2001) with his counterterrorism chief between the time he took office and 9/11.
When Dubya got the intelligence memo on 06 August 2001 with the title Bin Laden Determined To Strike in US he did nothing but go bass fishing that day during one of his many vacations.

I can understand why Republican cartoonists are so upset. President Obama walked the walk while President Bush couldn’t even talk the talk properly.

And if you want to go back to the 1990s, it was President Clinton who issued a kill order on bin Laden and Vice President Gore who first suggested arming Predator drones to go after the Evil One. Unfortunately that project was put on hold after Bush took office and decided to concentrate on the ludicrous “star wars” missile program.

I, for one, have no idea what you are talking about. Would you kindly re-post something that makes sense ?

Thank you.

Instead, he is found under Obama’s watch, and still validates every single one of Bush’s policies.

“I thought everyone had a right to his day in court”.

Except lots of those in Guantanamo Bay, apparently……………..even those believed innocent are still incarcerated. If you have the evidence – prosecute. If you don’t, (after all this time), – set them free. Basic human rights, I believe. Rather shocking from the “Land of The Free”.

during the 8 yrs of the Bush administration I saw much much worse. Remember Obama came into office disparaging the Bush programs (Gitmo, enhanced interrogations, military tribunals, etc) and guess what happened he’s continued them and it turns out that those programs contributed to finding out Osama’s whereabouts.
I heard last night that it took a concerted effort on the part of Obama’s security group to convince him to take action. His speech was all about him

The facts are that the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld gang performed as you would expect … they talked a good fight and made sure others did their fighting and could take any real responsibility. Sort of like those three all did during Viet Nam.
Obama, meanwhile, appeared like he had no Bin Laden priorities while pushing hard for him to be found and brought to justice. I don’t believe the President has, up until now, done a lot of bragging or chest-pounding. That’s the nonsense we have come to expect from Republicans.

Give me a break – and please grow up! Our current President is now in charge – and of course all past history has led to this moment – only a small minded pea brain would go to this – you are supporting bin laden by using this for political divide – you should totally ashamed of yourself – it is not even funny!

Bush couldn’t even strike the right nation and stay on point. The intel was from last year, not “enhanced interrogation” from years ago. Obama gave all credit for success to the teams, only taking any potential “heat” for the action upon himself as C in C, as appropriate. Bush ducked every political “buck”, while making sure he and his friends collected the real ones- like well Halliburton/KBR/Xe(Blackwater). Eight years of failures- that’s “Shrub’s” legacy.

If the enhanced interogation techiniques really did lead to finding Osama bin laden, then President Bush would have given the order for him to be killed. Look at his track record, he decided to go after Saddam and he had him captured and killed. What about the intel on Osama? Nothing! You can not have us believe that the Cowboy that ordered us after the terrorists and Saddam would pass up the opportunity to kill Osama. This all leads us to the failure of the Torture, Opps, Enhanced Interigation Techiniques. Good old fashion hard work lead the way to finding Osama and killing him. Bush had how many more years and dropped the ball.

Enjoyed reading your post and thanks for staying on topic.

The cartoons give you a disappointed feeling. Its the same feeling, you get when someone stands at a funeral, and takes opportunity to say nasty things about the surviving family.

Most of us have experienced this type of funeral.

In the same sense, a death is involved. Death is something we all will experience and be judged by.

Let me get this straight. G.W. diverted our attention and resources from the hunt for Osama to Iraq to serve his own personal goals, yet we’re to credit him with Osama’s death? What right-wing crap!

Let me get this straight. G.W. diverted our attention and resources from the hunt for Osama to Iraq to serve his own personal goals, yet we’re to credit him with Osama’s death? What right-wing crap!

That one cartoon should be more like

Clinton 35% Bush 15% Obama 50%

5%? Obama gets 5% for doing in two years what Bush couldn’t, and maybe didn’t try too hard, to do in eight?

Truman did not personally drop the bomb on Nagasaki, Kennedy did not personally go to Russia to confront the Soviets, Reagan did not personally tear down the Berlin wall, Bin Laden did not personally get on a plane on 9/11. Nevertheless, these leaders were responsible for the results of their decisions and commands. Obama took on a task that GWB did not dare risk for whatever reason. And he did it without giving even a hint that history was being made. Wanna play poker against him??

I’m saying that it was the soldiers who did it, not obama. He may have said Go ahead, but he did not collect that information, nor did he storm the building. As for the defunding the military, one of the areas liberals really wanted to cut was the military, and a good portion of those cuts were for ammunition and defense equipment.

And excuse you for your rudeness. All I said was that soldiers should get more credit and respect in this country than many people give them. There is no reason to attack my post, for I wasn’t attacking anyone else. Please grow up and learn to be civil. Just because you think you can be anonymous on the Internet does not mean you have the right to be so rude. I’m not trying to be rude, so please be civil and respect Others opinions. Thank you.

The CIA director said it was all Obamas call and planning,he probably knows a little more than these hacks,and no matter what you think, Bush spent trillions and 8 years and came up with Zero,Obama did it in 2. Not bad for a guy with no birth certificate eh?

Strangely prophetic wasn’t it:

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I am not sure if the partisans on either side have it right. Never having been military, I have less experience. However, I suspect that the hunt for OBL never really ended. In the end, it came down to putting pieces of the puzzle together, perseverance (which I would like to assume all of our fine military leaders possess), hard training and some luck (ie Operation Eagle Claw). I cannot imagine any CiC not giving the green light if they had the chance to dish-out justice to America’s most wanted. Something I would think we could all agree on. My real regret is that OBL was enjoying a soft bed instead of a dank cave all these years. Pakistan, where were you?

To add to this, liberals need to quit hiding from the word “progressive”!! “Progressive” makes me stick my chest out! What person in their right (no pun intended) mind does not embrace “progress”. So does that mean that Republicans are “regressive”??

Maybe the 95/5 cartoon should be interpreted in the following way: Normalizing everything to 100%, Bush was responsible for 95% of the cost, 95% of the deception (let’s not forget WMDs, etc.), 95% of the lives lost, and 95% of the time spent chasing OBL – unsuccessfully. Obama’s 5% has less to do with “standing on shoulders” and more to do with strategic efficiency.

Our greatest presidents? Did the Easter Bunny bring you a lot of eggs?

“If the mission had gone wrong, it’s safe to say the cons would heap blame on Obama.” The way they still blame Carter for Operation Eagle Claw.

“If the mission had gone wrong, it’s safe to say the cons would heap blame on Obama.” The way they still blame Carter for Operation Eagle Claw.

“A Conservative is a fellow who is standing athwart history yelling “Stop!”” William F. Buckley Jr.

There you have it.

“A Conservative is a fellow who is standing athwart history yelling “Stop!”” William F. Buckley Jr.

There you have it.

Yes. “Progress” on the political is defined in terms of “progress” or “regression” towards the status quo of the rich & powerful controlling most power and wealth. Over time societies have progressed away from theocracies and monarchies towards democracies and (inevitably, according to Marx) socialism. Progress towards a more equitable distribution of wealth and power (“All men are created equal,” after all), or regression towards some variant on oligarchy, plutocracy, monarchy, absolutism.

Good point, Inamc. Had OBL not been killed or captured by the 2012 elections, these same people would be blaming him for 95% of the failure.

Interesting, Daryl. Are you going to post the opposite point of view? Are you going to show cartoons of Bush floundering in the bushes (couldn’t help the pun, sorry) while Obama is dragging out OBL? Are you going to show cartoons of Bush digging in the mire of Iraq? Probably not.

Brian Farrington has the bullet’s trajectory all wrong. He omitted the several-years-long detour the bullet through Iraq.

Hey, Bryan: You sound just like the jihadists will sound soon. And, your birther roots are showing.

I don’t believe that Obama will be one of our greatest presidents, be he’s a lot better than his predecessor. W. (or should I say Chaney) may have been in charge when the intellegence started coming in, but if they were still in charge they would have charged into Pakistan without confirmation of bin Laden’s whereabouts and flucked the whole thing. Obama let the CIA and the military do what they do best without making a mess out of it. Let the credit go to the CIA for the info and the Seals for executing this mission, and leave politics out of it!

I, for one, do not want to see the grusome body of a dead OBL. Enough people saw it, and DNA will verify it; that’s good enough for me. I don’t think Obama would fake it, because the chatter from al Qaida would make it come back to bite him. The lack of disbelieving chatter throughout the Arab world is another item of evidence supporting that this was real.

Well said,

One correction: FDR was in his 4th term when he died in 1944:

1. 1933-1937 (same year Hitler came to power)
2. 1937-1941
3. 1941-1944
4. 1944-death

Brrrraaaapppp. Close as I can get to a raspberry. It took every one from the boots on the ground to the Commander in Chief and his support staff to accomplish this. I doubt you would have made this post if this had occurred during the Bush watch. If you are going to be critical online, learn to take the heat.

lmao … look what happened to the Liberals in Canada .. head shaking

I think its appropriate to say both Bush and Obama played an important role in bringing bin Laden to justice – the ground work for the intell and surveillance was laid in the Bush years, and he drove bin Laden into hiding where he was ultimately found and killed. Obama had the guts to give the order to pull the trigger when all of that hard work over the last 10 years finally bore some fruit – good on him!. Arguing about who should get what percentage of the credit is, to me, trivial – they both contributed in important ways. The comment made by CF that “Obama tries looking somewhere else and finds him almost immediately” is absolutely ludicrous. Obama didn’t look anywhere – the CIA and other intell analysts did – the majority of these folks are probably the SAME group of folks that were working on trying to get bin Laden during the Bush years. And since when does being in office for over 2 years qualify as “almost immediately”? Please – lets get real here and stop with the Obama butt kissing. And let’s not forget that the hard work of men and women in the intel community and the armed forces, many of whom served under both presidents, that ultimately got the job done.

“Bringing bin Laden to justice”?
He was killed: he wasn’t tried.
“And let’s not forget that the hard work of men and women in the intel community… that ultimately got the job done.” These are the same ones who pointed out that the intel on Saddam’s WMDs was “highly suspect,” only to see Bush & Co. turn it into a “slam dunk.”

ejg2 are you kidding or just plain stupid every bit of our advances in homeland security,cia,special forces ,interrogation and signal intelligence came under bush as you people bitched and moaned ,now you want to take credit ,PLEASE

People are quick to pretend that Osama wasn’t in Pakistan all along. Even when Bush was in charge, the man was in Pakistan. I’m only 27 people, and -I- remember that we were blocked by Pakistan in going after him. I remember the foreign political nightmare that just crossing into Pakistan would have caused. I was -THRILLED- to hear that Osama was dead, but it was hampered by a single thought “Did Pakistan finally let us cross the border to go get him, or are we in for a hell of a firestorm?” And for the record. Obama did -not- get Osama. That Seal team did. -THEY- should be getting the credit since it was -THEIR- lives that were put on the line not Obama’s. I will give Obama props when I hear that he flew to Pakistan, was handed a gun, and sent in with the Seals. Since that didn’t happen. What’d Obama do exactly? Oh right he told them to do it…yeah that’s really doin’ it…no really…

Bush had Bin Laden in his crosshairs at Tora Bora and said “nokey dokey.” For Bush to get any credit, he needed to have succeeded. He failed, gave up and passed the buck to Obama, who succeeded.

Isn’t it ironic that it happened on the anniversary of “Mission Accomplished!”

Seriously – you think he warrants a trial? Do you honestly think there is a snowball’s chance in hell that any jury would NOT find him guilty, and any judge NOT give him the death penalty? Are you nuts? Do you think any sane and well-informed adult as any “reasonable doubt” about bin Laden’s guilt? Only a court of fellow terrorists would acquit him, and I frankly don’t give a crap about their opinion.

The man gleefully took credit for the death of thousands of Americans – and promised he would work hard to kill more. That sounds like a confession to me. In the court of world opinion, he has already been tried and convicted, we were just waiting for sentencing to get carried out.

Bin Laden should be thankful that he was granted a swift death – that is more that can be said than for many of his victims. Had it been me leading that raid…. his end wouldn’t have been as pleasant as it was.

And I don’t get your crack about the intel community – what did you expect them to do? Did you expect them to say “Now George, we TOLD you the evidence was suspect. So DON’T invade Iraq, that would be very bad and it would make us very upset….” Last time I checked, these people serve pleasure of the president, not vice versa.

I do not like Bush as the rest of the Liberals I am Independent……BUT he did catch Saddam…… we have looked for Osama bin Laden ever since the Afghani war in the 80’s IT WAS OUR C.I.A who gave Obama the info and OUR SEALS the best of the best who killed him upon his order! Why did they not take him into custudy humiliate him like they did Saddam???????? Now THAT would change my opinion of Obama intirelly! The victims of 911 probably would like some vigilante justice instead of hearsay….SHOW THE DAMN PICTURE OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!! We Americans have seen civilians looking out of th WTC b4they were going to die! Men falling in business suits from trhe Sky

Boy, the Republicans can’t do anything right (Bush blew it folks!) and so the best that can accomplished by them is to minimize that is actually done by a President that has perhaps accomplished more in his “less than three years” than Bush got done in his eight years, half of which were spent on his ranch in Texas.

For what I understood, he just meant that it wasn’t Obama who did all of it, not that he didn’t have anything to do with it, but he surelly didn’t find Osama all by himself. Gosh, people these days make excuses to not be civil whenever they can.

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