Obama, Republicans and the Budget

Today, Barack Obama gave a speech detailing his approach to deficit reduction, offering a contrast to the “Path of Prosperty” that Congressman Paul Ryan proposed last month. Obama’s plan includes both cuts in military spending and tax increases for the wealthiest Americans (something the Republicans don’t seem to be able to stomach).

Republicans seem more hell-bent on pushing their social agenda than honestly reducing the deficit, and if Obama’s proven anything since taking office, it’s what a lousy negotiator he is …

It’s tough to hear Obama talk seriously about cutting the budget. Since coming into office, Obama has been forced to deal with a massive recession and job loss, as well as a massive deficit he inherited from his predecessors. As a result, he’s been up to his big ears in red ink…

Meanwhile, Republicans have no problems cutting money from the budget, as long as it has nothing to do with the military or rich folks…

Republicans’ favorite target recently has been civil servants with their outrageous $50,000 salaries. The billions Wall Street has fleeced out of the economy and the middle class over the last decade doesn’t seem to bother them much…

At least that’s something they share with Obama…

… despite their claims …


By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the founder and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc. He is one of the most widely published editorial cartoonists and is also the editor of The Cagle Post.

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The massive debt Obama inheireted from his predecessors… that he has almost doubled. In three years. $9.6 trillion in 08, $14.3 trillion now, three years later. So, in the 3 years of his presidency make up 33% of the national debt since the CREATION OF THE COUNTRY. Too bad he inheireted 235 years of accumulation… At the same rate ($9.6 trillion in 232 years), Obama has just used up 38 years of debt.

Granted, this isn’t a smooth curve. The spike at the end (regardless of republican or democrat) should be alarming everyone. Especially the last 3 years.

The top one would have been better if the elephant was saying “Attack Libya!”

That’s the problem with liberal cartoons, they don’t make any sense. The Republican tax cuts benefited everybody, not just the rich. I’m so tired of hearing that Democrat propaganda. There’s a hundred million people on the dole, and 50 million government workers all sponging off the private sector worker. That’s the problem. They get money for nothing, expanding our debt, which is causing inflation which is a type of tax increase. I’m voting for the Presidential candidate who’s going to kick half of the dolesters back to work. To save our economy we have to abolish medicare, medicaid and welfare. Check out my cartoons at

“Since coming into office, Obama has been forced to deal with a massive recession and job loss, as well as a massive deficit he inherited from his predecessors.”

Why then did he immediately support a budget with deficits fifteen times as high as Bush’s 2007 budget? Why did he support another one the next year, this year, and next year? Kind of puts the meaning of the word “massive” into perspective, doesn’t it? At least we kept unemployment under 8% by passing his stimulus bill. That was a close one…

Especially since Goldman Sachs, AIG, and the former Bear Stearns are in the liberal camp. Not sure about Lehman Brothers or Merrill Lynch.

I heard that if you are a liberal long enough, you become a conservative. I like to think that that may be true, and if you are a conservative long enough, you become an independent and quit allowing other people to lead you around by the nose.

If you are going to repeat the tired “our dire situation is everyone elses fault…but Obamas” nobody, and I mean nobody will take you serious…but hey – what does a cartoon guy expect? BTW – that isn’t red ink – as mentioned earlier – it’s donkey koolaid.

That cartoon expresses my sentiments precisely!!! Every time the Republicans take a step forward, the religious right makes them take two steps back! Time for a TRUE separation of church and state or we are doomed to left wing Democratic control forever!!!!!!

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