Brazilian Cartoonist on Obama's Visit

President Obama and his family touched down Saturday in Brazil as part of a five-day South American trip intended to focus on jobs. Brazilian cartoonist Carlos Latuff, like most international cartoonists, thinks Obama is more interested in oil than anything else.  Greedy, oil-thirsty, domineering American presidents are an enduring, international theme.  Sometimes it is good to be reminded of the one-dimensional way the world sees us.

The caption at the top of the cartoon translates to: “Obama reaches Rio…”

Obama (dressed as a conquistador) is asking the Brazilian beach-goer, “Where is the pre-salt?”  (The pre-salt layer, according to Wikipedia, is an oil-rich geological formation on the continental shelves off the coast of Africa and Brazil.)

Here are some more cartoons by Latuff about Obama’s trip to Brazil:

By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the founder and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc. He is one of the most widely published editorial cartoonists and is also the editor of The Cagle Post.

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this is the image that we (brazilians) have about americans! ans the image that you have about us is a lot of monkeys on the trees.

The three stooges are greedy, selfish and stupid; and, there is a forth…the addict.

Of course, we all know, in the end Obama will end up getting what he wants from the visit.

Brazil is growing and the visit seems to be more about defending US economic interests than about politics. The deep water petroleum in Brazil might be a way to depend less on the Middle East.

obviously, i can’t speak for all americans, but please know that the vast majority of us think that brazil and it’s people are wonderful. i’ll never attempt to defend what the united states government does because the united states government does not represent the will of the people.

It’s rigth that the USA needs very oil and “will buy” all the oil that need, not “to take” all the oil that needs. The litlle detail in this case is the price that the USA likes to pay…

Most of the Americans I know respect and admire Brazil. The government of the U.S., however, has become completely corrupt and has ignored the will of the people in order to advance it’s own agenda, hence the emergence of groups such as the “tea-party” to try to bring the government’s focus back to our fundamentals. We would love to have a alternative to oil as a primery fuel source and are actively working toward that end, meanwhile we in the U.S. have fuel sources of our own. The government simply will not allow us to use them.

Brazilians are ‘monkeys on the tree’….?

No sir! We don’t think that of all Brazilians…only about you!

Does that make you feel better, Rodbizn?

(Most) Brazilians are warm, friendly people who would give you the shirt off their back. I love them (even Rodbizn, here).

The American government has become? Where have you been in history? Perhaps the Obama administration is more sensitive to the needs of other countries than previous administrations. Why did we go to Iraq? Obama was not is office. Why did we invade Granada? Why did we support the British in the Falkland Islands conflict with Argentina, etc. etc.. etc. Read history and then write your opinion.

This is something really funny,no disrespect but the drawing was great! Every country has their own opinions to express so i guess it is their right.

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