My Japanese Tsunami Cartoons

When a natural disaster occurs with as much force and power as the earthquake and tsunami that recent struck Japan, a cartoonist is often faced with the challenge of tying to be thoughtful without abandoning his or her own originality.  I wanted to avoid Japanese flags, Godzilla and references to World War II (see my post about Japanese cartoon “Yahtzees”).

With my first cartoon about the tsunami, I wanted to use a simple image to express sorrow for the Japanese people …

When I was a kid, in the 1960’s, Reddy Kilowatt was the face of modern, nuclear energy …

Here are a couple of guys who always make me laugh …

By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the founder and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc. He is one of the most widely published editorial cartoonists and is also the editor of The Cagle Post.

10 replies on “My Japanese Tsunami Cartoons”

I think the cartoons are in bad taste. Why do you feel like you have to use the situation in Japan for your cartoons? I thought better of you!

Cartoons help us keep in mind all the “checks & balances” of any given situation. They remind us of the tragic,,silly, funny, sad, outrage, happiness,etc. They can ‘make us happy, sad, mad, glad’. Best of all they can inspire us to help out or leave it alone, as any one of us sees fit.


I have to agree with Brown18……. This just isn’t amusing, political, “spinnable”, funny, or really anything….

Also, Japan isn’t New Orleans…. There will be no shooting, looting, “woes is me” I’m a picked on minority, or chaos….. I live and worked in Japan… These people will quietly suffer, and may or may not accept help from anyone…. their pride will, WILL, get in their way sometimes…..

This topic is off base as far as I am concerned…. let this one alone….



I assume you live in New Orleans. No?
I assume you were educated in New Orleans and have the culture in your blood. No?
I assume you are an expert on New Orleans. No?

Joe, shut up!

I personally don’t see these as in bad taste. THe first one is the only one specifically about the tsunami and it expresses sorrow and sympathy. The other two target the political issues that will come out of this. Nuclear power is going to go under attack. It already is under attack and I understand the need for cartoons expressing opinions of what may or may not happen with nuclear power. When it comes down to it, everything gets political in some way.


I assume you live in Bigotry. No?
I assume you were educated in Bigotry and have the culture in your blood. No?
I assume you are an expert on Bigotry. No?

Midtown, shut up!

Cartoons aren’t the same as the “funnies”. Many political cartoons speak about terrible things, death and destruction. I found neither of the two in bad taste–and let me tell you, I’m so PC I’m usually the first one to shout, “Bad taste”.

The first one is very peaceful. The second one is a bit violent, and the third is politically charged….Yet, I like the fact that you did not oversensationalize the disaster…Each cartoon adequately makes a serious point [Only the third cartoon is funny to me; the other two are just thoughtprovoking.].

I’ve seen you post some dumb things in the time I’ve been reading you, but the Reddy Kilowatt toon is among the worst. And I think I have a nicely morbid sense of humor

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