Conservative Wisconsin Cartoon: Fair or Foul?

Our talented conservative cartoonist, Eric Allie, drew a cartoon yesterday about the protests in Wisconsin that seems to have touched the nerve among our readers. In the cartoon, featured below, Allie recast the fight going on in Wisconsin, making the public sector union the behemoth, while making the average taxpayers as “the evil greedy corporate monster.”

Wisconsin Public Unions
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Here’s a sample of some of the comments we received about the cartoon:

VickySP: “I am a public sector worker and I couldn’t disagree more. I took a paycut to take this job almost 15 yrs ago. Not only did I never get back to my pre-public sector pay, I’ve taken pay cuts for the past several years that have put me even lower than when I started. Why do I stay in this job? I took it originally for the job security and benefits – I have family obligations. I’m still there because of the family obligations and the lack of any local job opportunities in my field. Not all public sector unions are the same. Not all are “Goliath”. Look at the facts before you make assumptions.”

Brian Mitchell: “Wonder who the Bankers’ & Stockbrokers’ Association gets to do its corporate cartoons? Sell-out.”

Hhvision: “No wonder cartooning is a dying industry. With a perspective like Mr. Allie’s, it should have passed away years ago.”

David Bruce: “Accurate depiction despite all the marketing spin to the contrary.”

Ron Evry: “I hope the lady in the picture packed her kid’s knapsack with plenty of Brawnyâ„¢ Paper Towels. The hundreds of millions the Governor just gave the Koch Brothers might not be enough for them…”

Steve Berlin: “Considering taxpayers don’t pay for Union pension, once again Conservatives are crying how that mean ol’ David is picking on poor old Goliath.”

Justin Jones: “Wow, what a completely stupid, uninformed, and tone-deaf cartoon.”

Alexander Thorburn Hoffman: “Perfect cartoon. Union thugs vs the people who actually have to pay their salary.”

What do you think about the cartoon: Fair or Foul? Leave your comments below.

By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the founder and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc. He is one of the most widely published editorial cartoonists and is also the editor of The Cagle Post.

124 replies on “Conservative Wisconsin Cartoon: Fair or Foul?”

Once again, comments without any truth associated with it. Clearly, Allie is on the side of big business, power hungry government. The unions have all agreed to pay cuts and health care cost increases.. sharing the burden. But that doesn’t seem to be enough for the govenor. Yuk!

Completely fair. Private sector workers have no long term benefits to match the public sector. When factored into their salaries the public sector workers actually earn much more than an equally qualified private sector employee. While I don’t agree with giving tax payer money for corporate bailouts I also think it is a equally wrong to give public employees more by taking money from taxpayers who have seen their real incomes drop over the last three years.

Bdpeatie is correct. If Allie is freelancing, he should apply to some industry association to be the cartoonist for their trade magazines and newsletters. He’d get paid a lot more and the rest of us wouldn’t have to see his tripe.

So because your job sucks, you think everyone else’s should too? You don’t get benefits… SO TAKE THEM FROM THOSE PEOPLE TOO!!!! I’ve never been a big fan of unions either, but all the rhetoric about it these days is certainly pushing me toward their side.

An ugly vicious attempt to pit public sector workers against private sector workers. A civilized society needs a well organized democratic labor movement, That’s just basic economics.

The governor didn’t get 100s of millions of dollars from the Koch brothers. Someone please tell Ron Evry that.

Public employee unions are draining the states dry at a time when many are broke. Corporations are leaving, because they don’t have the ability to deal with the heavy taxes and regulations. The cartoon is spot on.

It’s not right what is happening in Wisconsin. The Unions have agreed to some MAJOR cuts to save jobs, but the Governor won’t take it. He wants to take their right to be able to come together and demand fair treatment. It’s easy to ignore one person, but a whole lot harder to ignore an organized class of people. The spin on this is incredible- the issue isn’t with the tax payers, it’s with a stubborn governor that is trying to score political points.

It is a horrible cartoon. The behemoth should have been the Koch brothers and other super-wealthy people and corporations. They are out to kill off any power that the worker may have, making him or her a worker drone with no rights. They are similarly working to kill any regulations that protect the public from pollution, bad food and drugs, etc.

Steve Berlin is way off base….Taxpayers pay all his salary and most of the pension costs….has he been drinking Cool-aid?

He left out the Kock brothers, who own Gov Walker. Nothing like creating a budget crisis giving away over $100 million to your contributors, then screwing the middle class again.

Foul. The history of “business friendly” politics is becoming one of abandoning whistle blowers, busting unions and giving tax breaks to billionaires. The ultimate crime Unions have committed is forcing companies to pay a comfortable wage. CEO’s make 310 times the money of the average worker but it’s workers that are the enemy of taxpayers? Enough of this nonsense.

What an accurate cartoon! It wasn’t a problem when unions could stiff arm the taxpayer into deals that they cannot afford. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, wha-wha. The unions are nothing more than legal extrotion rings! Union dues are squeezed out of members to give to DemocRAT politions to get elected and in turn these DemocRATS give kickbacks in the form of benefits & retirements the taxpayers cannot pay. Everyone is making sacrifices. it’s time the unions do also. I used to be part of a union and the mentality is they think they are owed a job for life. While this is not the case for all it seemed to be a majority. If you don’t like your job conditions then put forth some effort and find or create a better job.

Actually, when you control for either education required for the job +/or seniority, public sector workers make less.

Without the Unions the greed of corporate America would have been more than out of control. As they (corporate) has an iron grip on Washington no fair share of profits will ever be possible.

Without the Unions the greed of corporate America would have been more than out of control. As they (corporate) has an iron grip on Washington no fair share of profits will ever be possible.

And I thought I was fairly sophisticated about the messages of political cartoons. I read it was a “theatre of the absurd” presentation. Who could possibly “see” the public sector unions as a thug and the Republican-Big Business Bullies as school moms and their kids? I couldn’t imagine that the cartoonist was serious. Oop-sie. Hope he got paid a lot.===>*liberrybill

And I thought I was fairly sophisticated about the messages of political cartoons. I read it was a “theatre of the absurd” presentation. Who could possibly “see” the public sector unions as a thug and the Republican-Big Business Bullies as school moms and their kids? I couldn’t imagine that the cartoonist was serious. Oop-sie. Hope he got paid a lot.===>*liberrybill

I call “foul”. Governors Walker and Kasich are the big bullies here. Their objective is to bust the unions to make gains in the 2012 elections. Unions back democrats, hurt the unions you hurt the democrats.

In Wisconsin, the unions have agreed to ALL the financial cuts Walker wants, yet Walker won’t negotiate at all on ending collective bargaining rights. And while Walker wants to portray teachers, cops and firemen as the “strawman” for all Wisconsin’s budget problems, Walker and his republican state legislature passed a massive state tax cut for Wisconsin businesses.

Simply put, Walker created a budget shortage by giving tax cuts to corporations, and wants the state employees to PAY for those corporate tax cuts. It’s Robin Hood in reverse. Rob from the poor to give to the rich.

This is what happens when the Koch brothers own the electorate. Repeat Wisconsin in every state where the Koch brothers own their republican governor.

How about the most public of all “public servants”, our politicians, take a paycut before asking their constituents to do so. I wish the Optical industry within the retail scene had some Union protection! As with most unprotected jobs, our wages, benefits, hours, etc. can be cut at the whim of our employer. Try to make house payments, eat, and save for the future with jobs like that. Unlike our elected officials, we have to pay for our health insurance if we can ever afford to retire. ON WISCONSIN! Keep up the good fight there and in OHIO and around the nation!

Considering it’s talking specifically about what is going on in Wisconsin, I’d say it’s dead on. Watch the videos of who is actually protesting and you’ll see how ‘thuggish’ these people are. Union members are not this way, so why oh why do you let these jerks lead you?

There will be no Middle Class left if the Republicans get their way. The Rich and wealthy have the Republican Party on the attack to eradicate the Middle Class once and for all so the then Poor folks will obey their Masters, which will be the Educated and Wealthy, and Greedy Class.

Right on target! Time public workers stopped whining and paid their fair share. You’d think they’d want a choice in paying or not paying union dues.

Please provide facts about what those in public sector actually make in comparison to private sector employees, if your drivel is actually to be believed. What you seem to be doing is equating these union employees with the “big bad UAW”, and then make the ridiculous assumption that because they’re public sector employees, that you the poor abused taxpayer have to foot their bill. Regardless of their salary compared to yours, is that THEY PAID for their pensions, via deferred compensation going into a retirement account….Just like you private sector employees. Wow….WHO KNEW? Certainly not Governor Walker, nor Christie, nor Kacich, or any of the other Republican governors that are engaging in similar tactics. YOU the TAXPAYER have NEVER foot the bill for their pensions, or their salaries, or anything. Police for example, collectively bargain for safety equipment to be provided for….like…oh…I don’t know….Bullet Proof Vests. Fire Fighters collectively bargain for oxygen tanks, so they aren’t choking to death while they’re fighting fires…Teachers collectively bargain for things such as class size. Its not all about salary, but even if it was, so what? These are jobs that people used to respect, but the conservatives/Republicans have successfully pitted us against each other, to where now these people are demonized. The conservatives are LYING when they claim that these workers don’t pay for their pension and benefits, and that overall they make more than the private sector. Believe me, they don’t. What’s hurting our state budgets more than anything is the tax cuts being given to the wealthy who don’t need them, which is exactly what Governor Walker did, and now he whines and complains that his state is broke.

At first I saw the union taking on the corporations greed and relieve the taxpayer. Isn’t it the wealthy oligarchs who have suppressed the taxpayers?

Eric Allie has it all wrong.
How dare he pose the Billionaire Koch brothers and the huge corporate interests against the Unions.
This is an inflammatory cartoon. Corporate interests have taken over our democrarcy and have bought the legislatures.

The public empoyees may be costing the state, but the way to fix it is by raising the taxes that the Walker administration cut. No, this is NOT a fair representation by any means.

The cartoonist is demented and ignorant. He’s obviously a corporate shill, and I’m amazed anybody ever bothers to look at his work.

Of course the unions support the Dems. The Reps get their money from corporate entities. Allie drew this as a two sided fight. It should be uniions on one side, corps on the other, anbd the taxpayer voter as the tiny voiced umpire they step on. But the then, what side is Allie on? Can I guess?

Hey Kent,
Boy, do you have it wrong….Democrats do not, nor have they ever provided pensions and benefits as kickbacks to union members on the backs of you the taxpayer. What a load of hyperbolic crap. I was friends with someone who worked as a crime analyst for the police department in my city, who barely made the same amount of pay I did, and he had a masters degree, and I didn’t. Was I paying for his retirement? NO! He contributed to his retirement plan just like I do working in the private sector. It’s called Deferred compensation. Firefighters collectively bargain for oxygen tanks so they aren’t choking to death when they’re saving peoples lives putting out fires, Police who collectively bargain for bullet proof vests. Is that the kind of thing, you’re against? Quite frankly, as a taxpayer I am more than happy to pay for teachers, cops and firefighters to be compensated well for what they do, because WHAT they do is invaluable. And if you were a member of a union, what union was it? Public worker union or Private trade union? Are you trying to seriously tell me that union workers have NEVER agreed to concessions, or pay freezes of any type? I love how you say that if you don’t like your job conditions, then put forth some effort and find or create a better job. Oh that’s rich, Kent, that’s really really rich….and disgusting. What YOU the Taxpayer are getting bilked for is NOT the public sector unions or even private trade unions…what you’re getting bilked for is the tax breaks given to the top 1 or 2 percent of this country who really don’t need it. You’re getting bilked by the investor class millionaires and billionaires who are more than happy to shove the tax paying burden onto all of us, the middle class. We’ve given tax break after tax break after tax break, and what jobs have we seen being created as a result? Anyone?…..anyone?…..Buehler?…..Buehler?

Fair. Political cartoons are to drawn to make us think and present a view we may or may not have considered. Whether or not you agree with it is based completely on your current perspective.

I have no sympathy for either side here. Governor Walker is obviously an ambitious politician riding the wave of popular disgust over high taxes and big government while the unions are trying to hang on to the generous perks they obtained at the taxpayer’s expense. Choosing between the two would be like choosing which tyrant to sympathize with when Hitler attacked Stalin’s Russia in 1941.

I love editorial cartoons because the best of them leave me with a feeling of “rings true.” And they accomplish this with brevity and wit. The worst of them leave me with a feeling of “propaganda.” They accomplish this by getting things wrong. This piece of propaganda gets “everything” wrong except the little taxpayer. Everything else is out of proportion and out of balance. Using an illustration of a union thug and playing it against a verbal description of big business = lazy illustrator.

I agree with the cartoon. It was easy for the government to give in on overly generous pay packages in the past. Now we have to pay the piper, and that means pay cuts or cutting jobs. Sorry folks, that’s the way it is in the real world. If a corporation doesn’t have the money, their works get less pay, or lose their jobs. Why should a government worker be any different.

Actually, I think this cartoon should show the unions AND the big corporations AND the government on one side and the poor little taxpayer on the other side. C’mon everybody, admit it—we are being cheated and ground down by all around by them all.

Foul. The cartoonist set up not one but two straw men: the ludicrous “evil corporate monster” and the taxpayer-as-victim. The public employee unions, who have already made known their willingness to accept substantial financial concessions, are now defending themselves against ideologues who see the present situation as an opportunity to pursue an anti-union agenda. If the cartoon were honest, the right-hand portion would show a big, muscular elephant carrying a baseball bat labelled “anti-union agenda.”

Back to the drawing board.
At first glance……I guessed that the tough looking boxer is a union boss??
and the little guy is the Monster??
The tax payer is doing what??
The drawing is confusing – but does create much needed debate.

PS. The corporate money boxer should be 100 times (at least) bigger than the union boxer.

– Why should a government worker be any different.

Because they provide essential services needed for our society to function. I’m in the private sector, and ya, none of us have gotten raises and there have been mass layoffs. However, we’re not firemen, policemen, or teachers.

“Our talented conservative cartoonist”? Depends what you mean by talented. Deaf, dumb and blind, and still able to draw. I suppose that’s a talent.

The truth hurts–especially to a pack of bullying thugs. The media is so heavily on the side of the unions (public and private) that I’m surprised they didn’t all ban publication of this cartoon. To the cartoonist, I say–bravo.

Good cartoon on Wisconsin Public Unions. The papermill I worked at shut down 2 1/2 years ago. There was a rally to show show support to run our mill or sell it. Guess what unions were not there, Public Unions. We had no pension and we paid the majority of our health care. Most of the people I worked with are working at jobs for less pay and some still haven’t found jobs. The only retirement we had is what we saved in our 401k plan. Public unions, welcome to the real world.

Beautiful! Finally someone tells it like it is. It’s amazing this battle is taking place in such a liberal state, but cartoons like this will definitely help.

How many are you making 100K/yr. with lifetime healthcare and monthly pension payments higher then most peoples salaries???

First of all, are schoolteachers taxpayers? YES! Second, did the state negotiate in good faith with the teachers unions and agree to the pension plans, health insurance plans, and incremental pay hikes? YES! Third, did the unions offer to give back some of that in negotiations with the state this year? YES! Then, did the governor try to pull a political fast one and eliminate collective bargaining in spite of the good faith effort of the unions? YES! Now, is cartoonist Eric Allie trying to demonize the unions while trying to confuse the reader with a depiction of The Giant, Evil, Greedy Corporate Monster, which I personally think is an excellent term, as a sweet, aproned mother taxpayer with her innocent child? YES! Does the GEGCM think we’re all stupid? YES! Are we? NO!

It’s frustrating to see an otherwise talented cartoonist who is carrying the water of the fascistic corporatists who lead the Republican Party, whether intentionally or not.

It’s frustrating to see an otherwise talented cartoonist who is carrying the water of the fascistic corporatists who lead the Republican Party, whether intentionally or not.

This “rings true.” I believe we all have a built in “rings-true-meter.” Some posting on this toon seem to have apparently unplugged theirs. Everyone, union and non-union, “bargains” for their compensation package; then proceeds to “earn” it. The issue has nothing to do with “tax payers.” The issue involves the employer (government) and their employees (union or non-union). If tax payers have a problem with wasteful spending – they should look at the wars, oil company subsidies, contractors earning 5 times more than our military service personnel, and building schools in Iraq for 5 times the actual cost due to corruption.

Gotta wonder how much the Koch brothers are paying Eric Allie for his services. Or is he foolish enough to do their bidding for free?

Why is it that when things are going well, then everyone says poor teachers are underpaid, under appreciated and poorly treated. Then, when things go sour, teachers are blamed for being at the root of the problem and are now over compensated. Oh, sure, teachers have to sacrifice just like everyone else. You know, like the Wall Street Bankers or the CEO’s of corporate America. Funny, now it’s commonly believed that teachers should not be paid based on years of service. But how many people know that teachers “top out” at around 25 yrs and then get no more raises unless it is across the board? Do you know of another profession where professionals top out and then can not get any raises? Hmmm, does this business of either pity or blame the teachers also run parallel as to who is in power politically, either Dems or Repudicans?



At least Soros worked hard for his Riches. The Koch brothers had their daddy bought everything.

Like the judge once said:” If everyone complains then it must be a good ruling”.

You can have any Union if I can have an alternative when I don’t like your price, service, or attitude. But how does that work in the public sector?

There’s no free lunch.

Every nickel the public servants take home, comes from the pockets of taxpayers, who pay the public servants. That includes the pension fund deduction in their payroll.

Be this directly, or indirectly; for there are no other spirits of specters in between, who will bear this cost. There are only other —> people <—

Some people will pay, other people will receive.

Its not a very complicated reality ….

Yeah right gambling on the monetary system then collapsing an economy. He is as upstanding as maddoff and the Hunt Bros.

Ted Smith
The lables are reversed – the thugs are the republicans, conservatives and businesses, who all want to keep their 80% of national income intact (and add to it)!

This is absolutely true. The unions bitch any time they have to take a pay cut or anything like that but everyone else they can just fuck over any time they want. This cartoon is absolutely 100% true.

Are you that dense? At Least Soros donate to charity out of altruism. Koch Bro. only do it for tax breaks. Move along. The Grownups are talking.

If the Unions carter to the GOP instead, The Dems would be the ones trying stomp them out.

The Cartoon is foul, but only because it misrepresents the situation in to simplistic a way, The tax payer is the victim because the giant evil greedy corporate monster should be the giant who financed the Tea Party attack dogs to kill the unions and divert attention from the corporate welfare given to companies making obscene profits and skirting regulations to kill the environment so they can give Tax Breaks to the most wealthy.

maybe all other states dont want to be like texas, they have the lowest scores for students, the have the lowest safety net for healthcare, and the social safety net is failing the children there, just more social degradation of society

I didn’t know Cagle allowed conservative viewpoints. I’ve hardly seen 10 in the last 10 years.
Chuck bunnell

Besides Mike Reagan, Oliver North, Pat Buchanan, Phil Brennan, Kathryn whatever her name is, Diana West, Thumper Brown and Donald Lambro, you mustn’t have been looking very hard.

Anyone who can defend anything Soros does with a straight face simply does not qualify as a “grownup.” And I’d like to see you prove the motives for either Soros or the Koch brothers for their charitable giving. Your argument not only lacks substance, it’s just downright stupid.

Damn, we already pay 70+% of all federal income taxes. What do you want blood and our first born?

That’s the problem with satire, some (in this case, most) will totally misunderstand it and take it for the exact opposite of what was meant.

Yes, the Rich do pay “70%” of all federal income taxes, but they also make 85% of the Nation’s income. The income tax percentage paid by the wealthy investor class is less than paid by most working stiffs. If anything, the Rich aren’t paying their fair share.

This idiot misses the point that public union emplyees are taxpayers and are not the wealthy people who have benefited from the Republican tax breaks for the rich and subsidies to poor struggling industries like big oil. Enjoy the next time you ask for a raise or go to fill up your car.

The taxpayers are not the “employers” of the public service workers, they don’t do the hiring, firing, or determine wages and benefits. It’s the executive branch of government that employs public service workers, and the Governor is the CEO of the state. (President is CEO for Federal government). Taxpayers are the customers of the Government, and pay for said government services with their taxes. When you understand that, you then understand why Gov. Walker is trying to bust unions, and why most of the public is opposed they don’t want the quality of government services to decline – except for the teapartiers that expect Neiman Marcus government services at a Walmart tax rate.

It’s a great cartoon. The media has made union issues to be a David vs. Goliath issue, but in this case, it’s taxpayers that are the sacrificial lamb. Public sector unions are funded by taxpayers so the usual corporate-fat-cats-versus-poor-laborers won’t resinate here. The unions are showing complete indifference to taxpayers.

And to Mr. Cagle — when are you going to take some of the liberal cartoons and ask if THEY’RE too much? I’ve seen some liberal cartoons on this site that accuse people of racism where there isn’t any, attribute quotes to conservatives that they never said, or some that use vile, filthy language (“Mr. Fish” is a repeat offender). How about it, sir? Is there any call for balance?

I think we should get rid of all the civil servants who are sucking the life out of this country – no police to come if your home is broken into; no firemen if your home starts to burn; no teachers so your kids grow up uneducated and are lucky to get a job as a greeter @ a store like Wal-Mart; no ‘paper pushers’ to process your unemployment claim, social security check, medicare claim or veteran’s benefits; no cooks to feed soldiers; no customs agents to try to control drugs coming into the country; no border control agents to try to control illegal immigration; no air traffic controllers; no 911 operators (wouldn’t need them anyway we got rid of all the responders); no FDA; no OSHA; no park rangers; no librarians (won’t need them pretty soon anyway w/o teachers no one would be able to read) close the government printing office; the IRS and the mint. If I missed any make your own list and we can get rid of them too.
Get rid of the whole greedy lot.
Than we can get rid of congress since there won’t be anyone to enforce any laws, taxes or other business that they manage to pass. Of course we wouldn’t know about it – no printing office.
We can get rid of the court system – no one will be arrested, no one will be there to process any of the paperwork marriage requests, child custody problems or divorce filings, lawsuits.
You can get rid of the president – no one would want a job w/ no power and the White House would be pretty hard to maintain w/o the small army of civil servants who do all the work mowing the lawn, vacuuming the carpets etc.
Of course with out the civil servants who run the entire election process the entire elected government will disappear.
You will be on your way to the perfect utopian society.

So if they say nothing Bill wins by default, but if they point out he’s being an idiot then they lose because they’re over defensive?

Cutting jobs and (more) pay cuts is what the unions agreed to – this argument is about the abolition of the right to collective bargaining. The unions HAVE to fight to the death on this issue, because the destruction of collective bargaining makes a union essentially a social club with no more leverage than a single worker.

This has never been about balancing the budget – it is all about settling scores.

If you’re one of the so-called Elite then you and the rest of your demographic bracket control 99% of the wealth in the nation. How much money have you made by ‘creating’ those jobs? How much more do you want, or think you’re entitled to?

It’s really simple. Surrender some of the wealth to other people and they’ll be able to afford to pick up some of the slack. Keep going like you are and you’ll have to pay for everything because nobody else will have ANYTHING.

So because Unions are the only ones who can stand up to the Corporate enforcers your solution is not to organise in your own industry, it’s to get rid of the one thing that seems to be working?

Ooh – he said Unions are communist. Come fellow sheep, let’s all buy his t-shirts and wear them proudly. Because if we buy our slogans from someone else, we don’t even have to understand the issues.

Or what a union is. Or what Communism is. Or the difference between Communism and Socialism. Or much of anything really.

Kind of curious if I am the only one who sees the connection between the Middle East and the Mid West. Lost of toons about Sheen & MQ but I havent seen any between Walker and MQ. Makes me think Hummm?!?

There is nothing democratic about most labor unions. You are forced to be a member if you work where they have control. Then they go spend your money to buy off politicians so they can secure better pay for you. I think you can tell very easily whether or not a union does anything worth while. 1-Giver everyone the freadom of whether or not they want to participate. 2-Make the unions collect their own dues. I suspect by removing their monopoly power over workers they would find their members don’t value their service as much as they think.

On a side not people who think the public sector doesn’t work for the taxpayer are wrong. Just because we don’t hire you directly doesn’t mean that you don’t work for us. I also wouldn’t mind public sector unions, if like the private sector unions I could chose to buy products from someone else. Unfortunately if I chose not to consume low quality Public Sector Union products like education, building inspections and general harrasment from officials they send people with guns to my house to take the payment by brute force.

Comfortable wage or extortion. In a private business Collective Bargaining is reasonable. When paid by the taxpayers, they only have the ballot box to voive their concerns. Maybe “profit Sharing” would provide a better gauge as to worth.

Foul. I have been a union pipefitter since 1969,retiring in 2009. I always worked 8 hours for 8 hours pay. I gave a fair shake and received one. I am now happily retired and drawing a medium but satisfactory pension. Why do the Koch brothers and the Republicans want to steal it from me? Eric Allie is far off base if he thinks Unions are thugs or crooked. They are, in COLD reality, the only friend the American citizen has left now that the Supreme court,Banks and all politicians are gone. I hope Allie enjoys his new Fascist corporate bosses that he will BELONG to as of 2014. Joe Schaffer, Olympia, Wa.

It’s just a cartoon….a cartoon with a very shallow understanding of the issue. The cartoonist has the middle class fighting against….what for it – the middle class….Huh??

It’s so frustrating to see union workers presented as if they’re not taxpayers. To be accurate, this cartoon should have pitted the corporate filthy rich AGAINST the taxpayers and unions. Taxes aren’t elevated because of teachers and police officers….they’re high because the middle class has to pay for silly giveaways to the filthy rich.

It’s just a cartoon….a cartoon with a very shallow understanding of the issue. The cartoonist has the middle class fighting against….what for it – the middle class….Huh??

It’s so frustrating to see union workers presented as if they’re not taxpayers. To be accurate, this cartoon should have pitted the corporate filthy rich AGAINST the taxpayers and unions. Taxes aren’t elevated because of teachers and police officers….they’re high because the middle class has to pay for silly giveaways to the filthy rich.



If the taxpayers are customers of the government how do the taxpayers go about rejecting the government services? Who is the government’s competition and where do we go to find a cheaper product? The taxpayer is at the mercy of the government and the unions that buy the government politicians. The power of government comes from the taxpaying people not the people that the government employs. If the people don’t like the way the CEO is negotiating then they remove him and elect someone else to be CEO. OH WAIT – that’s what they did when they elected Walker. It was the unions and the minority party that decided not to respect the vote of the people. When the people of Wisconsin vote again they may very well decide to vote the Dems back into power. Then the Dems can negotiate with the public unions and once again bankrupt Wisconsin.

It’s retarded. Who is stupid enough to associate big corporations with a weak woman giving a child money? Really?!

The cartoon doesn’t even really make sense. Unions are made up of tax-payers who have a say in how union business is conducted. There IS a case to be made for Union-reform and most union-members I know agree with eliminating policies like tenure. I never even heard the term “union thugs” until a couple weeks into the stand-off in Wisconsin. This is just more right-wing media-spin designed to create a false demon and draw attention away from the ACTUAL greedy corporate monsters and the super-rich who are robbing this country blind – while we squabble amongst ourselves.

Pay cut? Try unemployed! And I still have to pay the salaries, retirement packages and health insurance of these so called “Middle Class” elitists.

Foul. The taxpayers are not being pitted against the unions- they are being pitted against the giant, evil, greedy, corporate monsters that are not paying their fair share of taxes, shifting the financial burden to ordinary people. Pols like Walker take money from the pockets of the masses and redistribute it to the hands of a few corporate interests.

thats the point. We aren’t asking for a raise right now because we understand it just isn’t possible! I understand I am not entitled to anything. Any job I have ever had, I understood was a blessing. I look at every paycheck as better than nothing, as oppose to less than his.

Any job I have ever had, I understood was a blessing. I look at every paycheck as better than nothing, as oppose to less than his.

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