Fitzsimmons Apologizes for AZ Shooting Remarks Made on CNN

Saturday, I posted on my blog the comments Arizona Daily Star cartoonist David Fitzsimmons made on CNN on Saturday as the news broke of the shooting of Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Fitzsimmons lives near the scene of shooting and went there when he heard about it.

Yesterday, he issued the following statement and apology:

“Today I have offended many with my emotional, partisan and inappropriate remarks, broadcast on CNN, regarding the horror of this day. As Congresswoman Giffords battles for her life let us join in prayer for her, for the dead and for the injured. Reflecting on the moment, I know my remarks would have disappointed Congresswoman Giffords, a public servant who is admired for her nonpartisan, gracious and intelligent approach to public discourse.”

The Arizona Daily Star added:

Columnists are human and have strong and immediate reactions to awful news, but those are best kept private until facts are known. As Fitzsimmons acknowledged on CNN, he wasn’t reporting and didn’t know at the time who the shooter was or his motivation.

By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the founder and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc. He is one of the most widely published editorial cartoonists and is also the editor of The Cagle Post.

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I'm not sure why he felt the need to apologize. What he stated was heartfelt and certainly not virulent as we have had from the right. I say, "Amen, brother, amen."

nothing to apologize for. the sheriff has it right when he came close to calling for indictments of "certain" radio talkers, which I assume to mean Rush and little Glennie, as co-conspirators. if it wasn't for the hate flames they've been fanning, we wouldn't have the TEA Party giving additional bombthrowers legitimacy by hanging around the edges of the crowd. we wouldn't have the Republican house and senate campaign groups and Palin's PAC putting out vicious ads like the "crosshairs" stuff. Fitz deserves a medal, except medals tend to become targets. this cuckoo who is alleged to be the shooter doesn't appear at this point to be a leftie or a rightie, he's just a nuttie who drank a little too much bong water.

We see the terror and the intimidation and the horror. It fosters quickness to pointing of fingers, quickness to flaunt solutions and quickness to bring out the tired and worn out diatribe of more gun control when we know it all has little effect. The FBI data tells us the crime has decreased since 2007 and most of the decrease came about in 2009 when firearms and ammunition sales were the highest. The accused man in the Tuscon shooting has a long history of mental illness yet no one took action to help him or restrain him. A record of mental instability would have denied him access to firearms. However, would it have denied him access to other weapons or devices to kill, maim or terrorize? No, not likely. What would have prevented him or any other person from driving a car or truck into the crowd and killing people? Or for that matter, throwing a Molotov Cocktail bomb? He was close enough to stab the Congresswoman and others. The anarchist scenarios are played every day on TV. He did not have to be very creative. The killing plots are plainly offered every day. What we have now it a lynch mob mentality: the mob is not satisfied that a person has been arrested. They want more. It is eerily similar to Colonial Salem, Mass and the Witch Trials. The mob wants to burn more people or punish something to feel good about themselves, to feel safe no matter what the cost! Rational considerations are trampled….again! Has anyone considered the issue that the last Congress' inability to hear the people crying "NO" contributed to this madness?

Doc: "we know it all has little effect." Then why is there such a difference between violent crime and murder rates in the USA & the rest of the civilized world?
"Would it have denied him access to other weapons or devices to kill, maim or terrorize? No, not likely." Again: there is probably the same rate of mental illness outside the US: why is this kind of crime so typically American? Anywhere else this kind of crime would be a shocking exception, in the US it seems to be almost expected, mundane.
"Has anyone considered the issue that the last Congress’ inability to hear the people crying "NO" contributed to this madness?" What, you want to blame this on health care reform and lobbyists? Blame the victim?!? That has to be the sickest comment I have seen here on cagle.

Both the Left and the Right are the same in their hate speech and refusal to listen. Both sides are EQUALLY guilty for pulling down this country. NEITHER side is willing to listen to an opposing thought. BOTH side have the attitude that “if you disagree with us you must be (insert your favorite vindictive term here). BOTH side want to BLAME the other side. Let’s be honest, it is the SIDE that are ripping apart the country.

I am a retired Marine Infantryman and full of contradictions. I do not agree with abortion personally, but I respect and defend the right of people to have them. I have no problems with Gays and Gay marriage, but I do not think stopping Don’t ask don’t tell is the right thing to do NOW. I believe in the freedom of speech but also believe in personal responsibility. I believe in freedom of religion but do not believe that the religious should be punished. My wife is an immigrant (legal) but an ILLEGAL immigrant is breaking our laws and does not have a “right” to be here.

I may not believe in what it is you believe in but I HAVE put myself forward and have gone in harm’s way to protect your rights. Don’t I have a right to expect a little respect for my rights and beliefs as well, even if you don’t agree with them?

I left Tucson last year, partially because of the 'gunsie' insanity there.
Seeing people 'packing' in my grocery store is not part of my civilization.

I'm a Vet.
I like guns.
I voted for Gabi in the last election.

Daryl said
"This is a gun happy state. I myself enjoy guns from time-to-time, I’m not against gun ownership.
But for this state, it has become a fetish. This is a intense gun culture and the politics of the state are far to the right, rabid right."

I completely agree with him. No apology needed.

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