Love Those Lemmings

Lemmings are an evergreen concept for an editorial cartoons.  Here’s my latest lemming cartoon, about Obama and the Dems pushing for a health care plan.  First, the rough sketch:

Then I do a nice finished line drawing on a overlay, which is what most readers see in the newspaper.

… And then I color it for the web and the minority of newspapers that print political cartoons in color.

Here’s a lemmings cartoon I drew about the housing crisis …

And here’s a lemmings cartoon I drew about college graduates and the job market …

I learned that people love lemmings all around the world -sometimes people love lemmings a little too much.  After I drew the graduation lemmings cartoon, the cartoon was plagiarized by cartoonist Ali al-Ghamdi for a major newspaper in Saudi Arabia, the Alwatan.

Lemmings.  Ouch.

By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the founder and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc. He is one of the most widely published editorial cartoonists and is also the editor of The Cagle Post.

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If I am a racist simply because I dont want to run off the liberal cliff, then I am a racist. By the way I didnt fully agree with Bush either. Wake up liberals, you will all be made to look like those brain dead jacka$$es

We voted for change last election.
I guess the Republicans haven't got it yet.
The lemmings should be the Republicans running off a cliff together……..

Since there is no political backing for a badly needed health care system complete overhaul, we have a choice between an inadequate improvement and an unacceptable status quo. We are a nation that has been left behind, and determined to stay there.

Given the quality of our political system and our electorate, one might well opt for the status quo with its higher death rate. Fewer people = fewer problems? After all, Osama bin laden was only responsible for 3000 dead. The status quo gives us an additional 1,500 DEAD EVERY MONTH!

"We voted for change last election.
I guess the Republicans haven’t got it yet."

The sad and pathetic thing is that nobody's gotten the change. The hope isn't panning out either. It'll take all of our change to pay for Chairman Obama's massive, irresponsible spending.

Limbaugh lemmings believe that the RECESSION is a HICCUP….
So maybe Obama cannot fix 30 odd years of going in the wrong direction in a flash, but seriously how can anyone believe that 1% of the population can "generate" 21% of the GDP…
Are these people really producing anything of such proportion that can be shown?
There are reasons to suspect that they have found ways to effectively print money!

The whole world is suffering the consequences of the "financial tools" that have been created by clever, very clever, COUNTERFEITERS!

The cartoon is clever, but the reason it doesn't apply in this case is that lemmings don't think; they just run off the cliff. Those who want change have seen the damage in the present system, have thought it through and aren't acting like a bunch of pack animals following and unknown leader.

Yes, how DARE those Democrats try to get health care for all American citizens!

No wonder Republicans got creamed last November.

Daryl, how about the Republicans running off the cliff yelling "No" just before they fall. That would be more in line with reality.
It is pretty sickening when your cartoon is about how terrible it is that someone actually cares about us being ripped off by the Health Insurance companies. Unless they are sponsoring you (as they are many Republicans and a number of Blue-dog Dems), you should be thinking about all those Republicans jumping off the cliff just to try to harm Obama. To make the cartoon even more accurate, maybe have them reaching for the Insurance dollars as they fall off.

I thought that guy playing the slot machine was left handed. What stage of the drawing did you pull his pants up ?

Ah, yes, the Obumblelemmings…..Obumble told Letterman that he must first develop a strategy for Afghanistan before deciding a troop increase!!!! What the hell has the Commander-in-Chief of 52 million lemming voters been doing the last 9 disastrous months?????? Excuse: He has a lot on his plate!!!!! Yes, Kobe steaks and imported Hawaiian delicacies…… This is the war he called the "War of Necessity"!!! Today, we learn in a new book that Bill Ayers collaborated with Obumble in the writing of one of Barry's books. Next, we'll learn that Rev. Jerry Wright helped him write the other book………..How can you liberal lemmings believe the endless string of telepromptered lies???? Too, Mickey O., kept Hillary off the ticket as VP. By the way, where is Hillary??? Her subjugation at the feet of the Obumbles has to be one of the most humiliating sights in liberal political history……………….

Daryl…the reason your spot-on cartoon is reflective of reality is that the Democrap Reps and Senators have staggered back to D.C. bloodied and humbled by the 'Town Hell' meetings and 'Tea Party Millions' who have convinced them if they support this Healthcare Obama-Power-Grab, they will be ousted in 2010 and 2012. The effete, elitist Democraps, blindly following their Messiah Hussein Obama have had their hoodwinked federal butts handed to them by an irate American public both Republican, Democrap and Independent. Wait and see, guys and gals, the Great White from Alaska is making a calculated circle back to Amity Bay where she will chew on some serious butt in 2012. Better get outta the water folks, the Democrap-controlled Holiday is coming to an end in the House and Senate; and YES, in the White House! "Pailin is Sailin' " while Obama is Wailin'…take it to the bank and make it a CD.

To mole, david, paul k, et al….

You just do not get it do you. If you keep bashing the other side and never see anything good about them, then how do you expect them to work with you? And that goes for the other side as well. But, I blame the media for this phenomena. They simply say that all conservatives suck and their is nothing good about them or worth listening to and yet whine and cry when the won't work with the liberals. How can you expect someone to work with you after all you have done is denegrated and debased them? Are you that intellectually challenged? When you have people like Rosie O'donnell and Janine Gerafalo saying the most outlandish things and watch the media prop them up as heroes and then totally destroy a conservative for a slip of the tongue(I am not talking about childish Joe Wilson) it is no wonder the sides cannot work together. If neither side sees any value or good in the other, then you can never have bipartisanship. For eight long years I saw this coming from the liberal side, and now for nine months from the conservative side. The media just loves to feed off of this, yet the same media cries that there is no bipartisanship. Until BOTH sides realize that there is good in the other, we can never recover as a society. BOTH sides just need to stop BASHING EACH OTHER! There was good and bad decions made by EVERY president, and if one cannot see that, then he is truly an idiot!

"Yes, how DARE those Democrats try to get health care for all American citizens!"

Uhm, Jason, 90-95% of Americans already have healthcare. They are trying to revamp the entire system to get healthcare for the other 5-10%. Why can't they just work on getting those 5-10% healthcare instead of revamping the entire system? They would probably find it a lot easier to accomplish and easier to get bipartisan support.

Maybe the Lemmings should focus on getting the 5-10% work so they could potentially have health insurance. I bet they all afford a cell phone and an iPod.

Str8aro, Don't forget the also probably have a flat-screen tv, playstation2 or 3, nintendo ds, etc… . Maybe we should teach about priorities, needs vs. wants.

Or how about Univeral Housing? Universal Gasoline? Universal Payroll? Universal Foodstamps? Universal Clothing? The point is…where does it stop. Tired of it all has it about right. I like my insurance, and yes, it costs money…but the alternative means even higher costs and a significantly decreased level of service. I know working middle class people who are h aving a hard time affording healthcare, and that's a serious problem that NEEDS to be addressed. But for the most part, even they would agree that turning our whole system on its ear is not called for, and equates to an open door to a new, dangerous slippery slope towards Socilaism. Put the whole of the last nine months together, and you have nearly a complete upheaval of our political system. And for crying out loud…the left has GOT to stop telling us that our opinions don't count because of GW Bush…enough!

Since all of you REPUGS think health care reform is socialize medicine, lets see how willing you, your so called family and friends are willing give up ALL government sponsored programs and PAY for your and their health care and other life needs. I bet you would be the first to complain about how expensive LIFE is!

You people are so STUPID!

Nice cartoon; except you drew the wrong animal. Shouldn't it be elephants jumping into the abyss of our current lousy healthcare insurance system. They would hold signs: "Don't change anything!". " Always say NO!" "Don't cover pre-existing conditions!" "Protect Health insurance company's right to deny care! (and their right to obscene profits)"

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