My Walter Cronkite Cartoon and a Reader Comment

This is what my mailbox is like each day …

Patrick Ferrell
Sent: Tuesday, July 21, 2009 3:19 PM

You should have Daryl do a comparison between Cronkite and Ed Schultz, or that moron left wing Keith Olberman, oh but wait, I know, it might cut down the ratings of MSNBC even MORE if he did that lol”¦.you have to put somebody that people KNOW in a cartoon so you can try to make it funny, and nobody knows any of those so called newspeople at MSNBC so even if he did do one, nobody would get it. Besides, everybody knows how left wing Cronkite was, and he would have been right at home on MSNBC. I am surprised you guys have not picked up Dan Rather. Yeah”¦he probably would like a chance at ratings, so you couldn’t get him over there without busting your $2000 per day budget. If you could only print money like President Hussein is doing”¦.oh well”¦

I didn’t realize Daryl was so desperate, he had to work at MSNBC”¦..I guess I will have to cancel my subscription to his biased cartoons now. I thought he used to hit everybody, but working for MSNBC and doing that would get you fired, and you cant be fired these days and find a job”¦..ask Obama HA HA HA HA.

Good riddance
Patrick Ferrell

By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the founder and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc. He is one of the most widely published editorial cartoonists and is also the editor of The Cagle Post.

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"Patrick Ferrell" is a typical whiny Republican. After selling out the U.S.A. for the last eight-plus years, Patrick whines that everyone's being so mean to them.

Good riddance yourself, traitor.

Oh no! He will cancel his subscription – I guess he means that free RSS feed – so how will you eat, Daryl? I will save some cabbage soup for you and your family.

Kidding aside, if it weren't so sad it'd be amusing, that blind spot these people developed for the self-inflicted mess of eight disastrous Bush years – which Obama has only just begun to clear up. "If you could only print money like…"

Puhleaze! The presses went into full swing around 2002, when GW wanted to get even with Saddam for being mean to his daddy.

You americans are soooo funny – you still discuss right wing vs left wing (a discussion put aside 20 years ago by developed nations). I think you should discuss the competence of your presidents – and of course the competence of your journalists too. RIP Mr Cronkite.

Patrick, you are an ass.

If you get a chance to take your head out of your Fox-addled, chicken-little, hate-everything-Limbaugh-hates rear end (there's that ass reference again), you may realize that there's more to this world than your pathetic reality-be-damned rhetoric.

I feel sorry for you. And by the way, didn't Rush say it was damn near treason to insult a sitting president that was fairly elected by the public? Well pot, meet kettle.


It seems that Patrick missed Daryl's main point being that journalists (if one can call Billo a journalist) used to have the job of informing the public instead of shameless self-promotion. I have seen Billo's show hundreds of times (not by choice) and he ends every single show with a plug for whatever tacky crap he is selling. I'm sure nothing helps Americans understand the complex issues facing the world than a "no pinheads" doormat. Progress indeed, Daryl.

Mr. Ferrell is a such an ignoramus he probably needs remedial instructions on how one mouth-breathes. MSNBC is a pretty broad spectrum employer; they have right-wingers like Pat Buchannon and Joe Scarborough on their cablecast. Good luck finding anyone left of Sam Shepard over on "FOX News Channel." (Another modern oxymoron.)

Opinions are like… Well, everyone has one, and some of them stink. Mr. Cagle shouldn't grieve too long losing Mr. Ferrell's subscription. (Hell, the poor man can't even spell "can't" correctly.) And, frankly, Cagle's dead right. Any of the "reporters" on FOX aren't fit to be a gofer for Uncle Walter Cronkite, who was a real reporter.

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