My buddy John Sherffius just e-mailed to tell me he won the Herblock Award for Editorial Cartoons. We’ve put up a special section showing the twelve cartoons that won the prize for John. Want to e-mail your congratulations – or complaints to John? He’s at: [email protected]. And see John’s editorial cartoon archive here.

Castro Resigns

The future of Cuba without Fidel is generating lots of cartoons. On the left, Cuban cartoonist, Ares, who lives in Cuba, has a very different view of the Cuban future than Alen Lauzan, a Cuban who left Cuba for Chilé.

The Ares cartoon on the left is the only drawing of Fidel I’ve ever seen by a Cuban cartoonist in Cuba. Cartoons of Fidel are a taboo in Cuba – although in this case, Ares is making the point that nothing will change; maybe that makes this Fidel drawing go down more smoothly with the communists.

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